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Docs: Still Alive and Kicking

For my 15th birthday my dad took me to Avalon on N Nigh St. to pick out a pair of Doc Martens. Remarkably, I still have them, and while they are certainly well-worn, they’re in damn good shape for being 18 years old and I do still wear them occasionally. For $150, that’s less than $10/a year, which is a pretty amazing value.


My UK-made Doc Martens that I’ve had since 1997, still in one piece in 2015.

The brand never went away like so many other trendy 90s fashion manufacturers (undoubtedly in part because they really are practical, high quality shoes) but they’ve recently seen a surge in popularity.

When I think about my high school clothing purchases, the items I would consider buying again in my thirties are few and far between, but I can see some durable, slip-resistant black boots fitting into my current wardrobe. The made-in-China or Thailand version are actually cheaper today than they were when I got my original pair, though these are reputed to be less durable. You can also still purchase the UK-made boot in the same style for $240, which US Inflation Calculator tells me is half what my original boots would cost today. Wow. Thanks, Dad!


At my teenage kinderwhore best in thrift store lingerie, white lace bloomers that I probably bought someplace on campus, fishnets, and my Docs, circa 1999.

If I could remember what brand of nail polish I used to paint on them, I’d have to give its longevity a shout out, too!