In December dELiA*s filed for bankruptcy, but what would 90s revival be without the quintessential teen girls’ alternative clothing company? Last month the brand announced it will relaunch this August under new ownership!

delias jacket 1

Perched on a rock wearing my Delia’s bomber jacket with men’s work pants from Volunteers of America.

As a teenager I loved getting their catalogs in the mail and I (and my little sister AND my high school boyfriend) wore my green corduroy bomber jacket (possibly the only item I ever actually purchased from dELiA*s) until the trim was matted and brown.

The first week I wore it to school one of my classmates was incensed because she had planned to order the same jacket and now she couldn’t!


Cameron wearing my Delia’s jacket while drawing pictures with my sister 




Hanging out at Dublin AMC movie theatre in my Delia’s jacket and a striped sweater from Volunteers of America.

Even though I didn’t spend much money with them (I got most of my clothes at various Volunteers of America thrift stores), I spent hours flipping through the pages of the catalogs, admiring the models’ grungy thrift store chic style. I must have cut out hundreds of images of girls in slip dresses, baby barrettes, pastel nail polish, and Mary Janes for collages.


One thought on “dELiA*s

  1. Noodles

    Must be catching, the 90’s clothing thing I mean. I just received a new pair of straight pipe JNCOs in the mail a few weeks ago. I love them and I think I’ll be. living in them for awhile to break em in!



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